BLOOM Case Study on the Importance of Water Data to Improve Craft Brewery Operational Performance

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BLOOM Case Study on the Importance of Water Data to Improve Craft Brewery Operational Performance

For Ontario craft brewers, understanding where water is used and where wastewater is generated provides valuable insight into how they can improve their water management performance.

BLOOM has recently released a case study based on a pilot project undertaken by BLOOM in collaboration with Ontario craft brewery Tuque de Broue and the River Institute. The project was designed to demonstrate:

  • The fundamentals involved in ’knowing your operations’,
  • How to obtain the relevant data and performance metrics, and
  • How the data can be used.

The right data and information allows a craft brewery to target areas that use large volumes of water and are major contributors to wastewater strength – and prioritize opportunities for improvement. Having detailed water data relative to operations can also provide insights into how business growth can impact both water use and wastewater generation.

With a better understanding of their operations, a craft brewery such as Tuque de Broue, is in a better position to develop water and resource management strategies and implement cost-effective water, resource and wastewater management solutions – now and into the future.

BLOOM has developed the award-winning Water & Beer online platform to make it easier for craft brewers to understand the Ins, Outs and In-Betweens of water management.

For further information contact:

Michael Fagan, Senior VP, BLOOM
Tel: 905-842-1115, ext. 227

This project is funded by Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

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