BLOOM Releases Videos on Lake of Bays Brewing Leadership in Wastewater Management

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BLOOM Releases Videos on Lake of Bays Brewing Leadership in Wastewater Management

A craft brewer often only becomes aware that they have a wastewater issue, when they are informed by the municipal or provincial regulator. This then leads to business disruption, higher costs and reputational risk.

Human nature being what it is, the common response is to focus on treating the high-strength wastewater at the “end of the pipe”. Unfortunately, this is a reactive approach that focuses on the ‘symptom’ – high-strength wastewater – rather than on the underlying root causes.

For Ontario craft breweries, effective wastewater management starts with understanding that wastewater is essentially clean water mixed with all the high strength ‘stuff’ that often ends up in wastewater as part of brewery operations. Taking control means taking the right ‘side-streaming’ steps to capture and divert this stuff before it enters the drain – during production and when cleaning equipment and floors.

Lake of Bays Brewing Co. is an Ontario craft brewery that has embraced excellence in water and resource management. In addition to their long-time practice of diverting spent grains to farmers, they have also made a fundamental commitment to keep by-products and other stuff out of the drains. By doing so, they not only benefit their own operation but also their local community.

BLOOM has released two interview videos that provide key insights into the brewery’s side-streaming activities.

In the first video, Lake of Bays President Darren Smith talks about the unexpected wastewater issues that craft breweries typically face and how these catalyzed their activities to improve. He then describes the brewery’s path to becoming a leader in diverting or ‘side-streaming’ key wastewater contributors from the drain.

In the second video, Darren conducts a walk-through of the brewery to highlight key components of their side-streaming approach – including practices and equipment.

An interesting point made by Darren is what happens to the material that is side-streamed. In this case, what could just be viewed as a waste is instead transported off-site and eventually converted into fertilizer.

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