Floor Drains

Drain design is often overlooked. It should be the ‘first system’ a craft brewer thinks of when designing and building the brewery.

Don’t combine problems

Use separate drains for different wastewater streams:

High-strength process wastewater

Low-strength process wastewater

Kitchen wastewater

Washroom wastewater

Drains don’t eliminate problems...

they just transfer them to someone else.

Don’t let ‘stuff’ get away

Install drain screens or baskets to capture solids and prevent stuff from entering the wastewater.

Trench Drain Screen
Trench Drain Screen

Screens only work:

  • If they are kept clean. Train staff to empty regularly.
  • After you empty the screens, don't forget to put them back.

Design easy access

Drain system designs should also include access points and sumps for sampling and wastewater diversion.

Why? It’s easier to include these features at the design stage as opposed to retrofitting later.