Treating Wastewater On-site

The best wastewater system is no system at all

The most affordable way to treat brewery wastewater is through ‘source reduction’ practices that minimize the volume and strength first.

Taking this preventative approach can eliminate the need for an on-site wastewater treatment system.

If an on-site treatment system is required, success starts with the right information

Informed selection, design and installation of a wastewater treatment solution starts with having the following information:

Wastewater composition, flow and volume data against related operational activities and production data. Understand what is generated, when and why.

Don’t guess. Take the time to collect real data. It will save considerable time and money later and avoid operational headaches.

Key questions

When evaluating potential wastewater treatment solutions, craft breweries should ask the potential solution provider the following:

Has the solution been demonstrated to treat brewery wastewater? How did it perform? Are the operating conditions comparable to your brewery?

If it requires regulatory approval, is this solution a recognized option?

Will the solution be able to meet the discharge requirements under all operating conditions?

What are the lifecycle costs, including full installation and ongoing operation and maintenance costs?

Does the system require specialized expertise to operate? Will external personnel be necessary?

What internal resources are required to operate it? How automated is it?

How much space will it take up? Is the configuration flexible to fit inside or outside the brewery?

Will it be able to grow along with the brewery? Is it modular and mobile?

What are the procurement options? Direct purchase? Leasing? And/or integrated into a service?