Beer & Wort

Did you know?

BOD of beer can be between 90,000‑120,000mg/l.BOD of wort can be between 150,000‑240,000mg/l.A craft brewery can have up to 7% of beer production go down the drain.

Where Does it Enter the Drain?

The largest sources of beer losses are typically on the packaging line and the spent yeast from fermenters.

How to Keep it Out of the Drain

Don't Dump Mis-fills

Avoid emptying mis-filled bottles into drains. Instead, collect the beer in a tote or container for disposal.

Keg Filling

Minimize keg foam and beer overflow when washing down the filled kegs. While not a major contributor to wastewater strength, it is something that can be minimized through equipment options and practices.

What to do with Off-Spec Beer?

If a brewery has an off-spec batch, dumping it down the drain all at once can cause significant problems for municipal treatment plants and sewer systems.

The brewery should contact their local treatment facility before any discharge, to discuss when and how to deal with the off-spec product.