Cleaning Chemicals

Did you know?

Almost all of the chemicals used by a brewery end up in drains as part of cleaning procedures to keep the facility clean and safe.

How to Keep it Out of the Drain

Use safe formulations that have a minimal impact on wastewater strength and composition; AND

Use the minimum quantity of chemicals to get the job done.

What to Do?

Consider equipment that minimizes water and chemical use.

Consult with chemical suppliers to identify options that may eliminate the need for rinses or other process steps, saving water and time.

Avoid cleaners with phosphates and minimize the use of phosphoric acid since this can lead to high total phosphorous levels in the wastewater, and possible surcharges.

Reuse and recycle chemicals wherever possible through automated approaches (e.g., clean in place).

Review and refine brewery standard cleaning procedures to ensure staff are consistently using the minimum chemical and water, to get the job done.