Make Efficient Cleaning “Automatic”

Start with Staff Awareness and Training

Consistent staff practices are key to using water more efficiently and keeping stuff out of drains, during manual cleaning operations. Well defined procedures, supported with ongoing training, ensures staff know how to get the job done with the least impact on water use and wastewater strength.

Automate Cleaning & Recycle Water Where it Makes Sense

Using an automated or semi-automated cleaning system (such as clean-in-place) for tanks and bottling lines can reduce water and chemical use by up to 50% while ensuring more consistent results.

These systems can also reuse water in cleaning cycles, significantly reducing water use and costs.

Something for Everyone

A number of options are available from semi-automated systems, mobile CIP carts, to fully-integrated CIP systems.

Example: Clean-in-Place Cart
Clean-in-Place Cart

Lake of Bays (14,000 hl/yr) utilizes a Clean-in-Place cart for their tanks. This system reduces both the amount of water and time used for cleaning and allows them to capture and reuse cleaning solutions. This cart can pay for itself in two years.

Mobile CIP