Make Water Use More Visible

In order to use less water, a brewery needs to know how much water they are using in total – and an understanding of the “in-between” use.

Understanding the water coming “IN” also means a much better understanding of the wastewater going “OUT”.

The Bare Minimum – The “IN”

At the very least, a brewery should know and keep track of their total water consumption on a month-to-month basis, using a main water meter or a water utility bill.

Get Better Data – The “IN-BETWEEN”

Take daily or weekly readings off the main water meter to allow for comparison between water use and what was happening that day or week in the brewery. This can pinpoint priority water use hotspots.

Write Things Down

At a minimum, meter readings can be recorded as part of daily maintenance routines and manually entered into spreadsheets. Tracking and analyzing historical data and trends can be used to support business planning going forward.

Don’t Hide the Data

Sharing the information with staff, along with key performance indicators, makes water visible and keeps it top of mind. Just being aware of water use can reduce total water consumption by 10% - 20%.