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Quotes: Crafts Brewers, Good Beer and Good Neighbours

“To become a North American centre of excellence in craft brewing, we’ll need to be leaders in every area of the business, which includes minimizing water and resource use and moving towards a vision of zero discharge operations.”

Garnet Pratt Siddall, President and CEO of Side Launch Brewing Company and Chair of Ontario Craft Brewers

“Sustainability in all of our operations is a top priority. Wastewater management is the most crucial issue facing the craft brewing industry in Ontario.”

Rob Engman, President, Sawdust City Brewing Company

“Municipalities know how we’re affecting their water usage. We need to be more accountable for what we’re doing. So it’s important for us to have that communication with the town.”

Sam Corbeil, Co-founder & Brewmaster, Sawdust Brewery

“People know we are taking steps to help the environment and that is well received by everyone.”

Mario Bourgeois, Co-owner and Brewmaster, Cassel Brewery

“As we open up businesses in small towns we want to become positive parts of our community and have a positive impact on the people we work with and live with. Thinking about how we’re impacting our municipality from a resource point of view is just as important as everything else we do.”

Geordan Saunders, Founder, Napanee Beer Company

“We’ve taken this seriously from day one; we conserve as much water as possible and we eliminated all phosphates from cleaning materials.”

Sybil Taylor, Communications Director, Steam Whistle Brewing

“Traditional brewing styles are rooted in sustainability. It’s built on a foundation that understands resources are precious.”

Steve Beauchesne, Co-founder & CEO, Beau’s Brewery

“If we sneeze here, they feel it at the treatment plant up the street. There’s no such thing as ‘away’ when it comes to environmental issues, if you put things down a drain they’re not going away. They’re just going someplace where someone else has to deal with them.”

Darren Smith, Owner & President, Lake of Bays Brewing

“We recognize how important it is to partner with businesses and municipalities to understand and appreciate the importance of Ontario’s water. Good stewardship and attention to the environment benefits all Ontarians.”

Lindsay Davidson, Media Relations Officer, Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

“Clean water makes good beer. That’s where we can help brewers sustain this momentum for years to come, by guiding them in the right direction on ways to improve water management practices while also saving money and protecting the environment.”

Michael Fagan, Senior VP, BLOOM

“With craft breweries popping up everywhere in Ontario, it seems every community will eventually have one. It’s easy to see why. These independent businesses are good neighbours that create jobs, attract tourists and produce great local beer.”

Kevin Jones, President & CEO, BLOOM

Water & Beer Testimonials

“Small brewers are always working to improve the sustainability of their operations, and we applaud the work BLOOM is doing to help our members get even better at adopting more sustainable water resource management practices.”

John Hay, President, Ontario Craft Brewers

“Our government is proud to support the ground-breaking work that Steam Whistle, Beau’s, Cassel Brewery, and other Ontario small breweries are undertaking with BLOOM to promote sustainable craft brewing in our province. These examples show how innovative and sustainable operations can save Ontario businesses money while creating new economic opportunities and protecting our important environmental resources.”

Jeff Leal, Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs